Sunday, November 22, 2009

Perodua Alza 2009 - 7 Seater MPV

23 - 11 - 2009 - Perodua will launch this Latest MPV - Perodua Alza at this coming 5pm today.
I personally see and feel the car already. Overall is Nice and comfortable, quality not bad, not feeling like MILO TIN :P. But one things cons is tat Bonnet is damn small until only can put ur backpack 3 bag only. Even baby stroller also cant fit it :( sad sad sad.
3rd row is ok for me(170cm) after adjust the 2nd row position.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2009 Honda City I-Vtec

Hi there, this is the latest honda city which just launch at Thai at 10-9-2008 12PM.
So i get below photo from Thai Forum web site .
The car is damn cool & nice design. Really is a big big big compare to the old model :).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Langkawi Trip Photo 7- Bye Bye Langkawi

Near the Mutiara Resort got a Yacht Club near there so at the last night at Langkawi so we go to the Yacht Club to walk walk there and take some photo but it is too late and no light for the yacht so cant take nice Yacht :(.
After a 3 days 2 nite at Langkawi, really is a great place for me but not enoght for me to have time at the beach or Pool there to look look :P. So miss a lot of things :P. Next time can consider to go there for Relaxing and eat eat eat TOM YAM & Japanese Foods :P.
Ok lah i need to stop here lah. My fellow friends who not yet go there be4 faster grab a cheap airplane fares to go there relax and eat eat eat :). Ok thanks a lot who view my blog, if any comment of my photo please write at there, thanks. :)

Langkawi Trip Photo 6-Unkaizan Japanese Restaurent

This is our 2nd night dinner place - UNKAIZAN - i think most of you all know this place if u got go to Langkawi before. This place i know because get the info from many forum. This UNKAIZAN is the best japanese foods at malaysia and also get many award.

Sunset which can see from UNKAIZAN Restaurent
We order most of the food is recommend by them: It is really yummy, damn nice. If compare with Rakuzen, it is really can beat them ahahhaahha but some fish maybe rakuzen didnt have.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Langkawi Trip Photo 5-Eagle Bay & Jetty Port

Go Langkawi ,i think most people will come here to see the Giant Eagle hahahahaha.
So now below photo is at Eagle Bay which the place is a Port who take boat/ship to come to Langkawi and there will stop at here. Since we go there at night and there dont have much light so i didnt take so much photo on here also, coz didnt have flash light :(.
This is the Jetty Port Place, inside is a shopping mall and also have a lot of Cafe as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Langkawi Trip Photo 4-Underwater Worlds

This is Langkawi Underwater Worlds. If compare with singapore one, for my opinion is same hahaahahahahahahah, just only this one is more bigger then singapore one :P. But lucky Singapore one is at Sentosa so more things to see but Langkawi one really is have one shopping complex with the underwater world combined.